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  • Food Grade Honeycomb Conveyor Beltis widely used in conveyor lines for washing, drying, cooling and heat treatment, food bread lines, spiral tower conveying in refrigeration machinery, spraying, cleaning machinery and heavy-duty conveying machinery;

  • Product Name: Metal Wire Herringbone Mesh Belt Instructions: The left and right spirals are tightly combined and connected with straight bones. Model number: customized products Application industry: heat treatment, machinery, cleaning, mining

  • Product name: Great Wall Honeycomb Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt, Horseshoe Mesh Chain Product description: The slats are processed into a lattice shape, and are connected and fixed by straight bones. Product model: customized, non-standard product Application range: two-piece tank cleaning, drying, river cleaning, drying of automobile exhaust catalyst, heat treatment, etc.

  • High temperature mesh belts are also called high temperature resistant mesh belts because they can withstand very high temperatures. The raw materials of this mesh belt are mainly 304 stainless steel and 2520. This mesh belt is often used in metal annealing furnaces. There are chains on both sides, and there are also chains without chain plates, and the specifications are various.

  • Advantages of Chain Rod Mesh Belt:Under extreme temperature conditions, the chain mesh belt ensures stable operation. The high-hardness conveyor belt chain-driven conveyor belt can be used for various conditions of heat treatment, metal processing, food baking processing, snack food, ceramics and various other applications.

  • The Power Plant Slag Conveyor Belt are the core equipment for the bottom slag treatment of coal-fired boilers, used to cool and transport the hot slag discharged from the boiler. Chinese name slag dryer Foreign name Bottom Ash Conveyor dry slag discharge machine.