Power Plant Slag Conveyor Belt

Power Plant Slag Conveyor Belt

The Power Plant Slag Conveyor Belt are the core equipment for the bottom slag treatment of coal-fired boilers, used to cool and transport the hot slag discharged from the boiler. Chinese name slag dryer Foreign name Bottom Ash Conveyor dry slag discharge machine.

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The Power Plant Slag Conveyor Belt is the core equipment for the bottom slag treatment of coal-fired boilers, which is used to cool and transport the hot slag discharged from the boiler. Chinese name dry slag machine mesh belt, foreign name bottom ash conveyor mesh belt.

Dry slag machine mesh belt and dry slag machine are the core equipment of the dry slag removal system, which are called dry slag discharger, dry slag remover, dry conveyor, etc. The boiler bottom slag removal system refers to a comprehensive treatment system. Collect, cool, transport and store the bottom slag discharged from the bottom of the boiler. The dry slag removal system refers to the bottom ash and slag treatment system, which relies on the negative pressure of the boiler and introduces a controlled amount of ambient air to cool the slag. .

Introduction to the use of mesh belt in dry slag system:
The air-cooled dry slag removal system is the continuous operation of the air-cooled dry slag conveyor. The high-temperature slag continuously falls on the conveyor belt of the slag conveyor. The high-temperature ash moves at low speed on the mesh belt of the dryer. In other words, under normal operating conditions, the furnace is under negative pressure, and a small amount of controlled ambient cold air enters the air-cooled dry slag remover in reverse. Therefore, the ash is gradually cooled by the wind during the conveying process, and the combustion is gradually completed. The cold air is fully exchanged with high temperature ash and slag. The air absorbs the radiant heat of the boiler and the sensible heat of the ash, and the air temperature rises to about 340℃ (equivalent to the secondary air supply temperature of the boiler) and enters the furnace. The cooling temperature of the slag will drop to about 100~200℃.

Usually the influence of the cooling air volume on the boiler air intake is controlled within the allowable excess air coefficient, so the heated hot air can be delivered to the furnace without affecting the normal operation of the boiler. However, if the boiler air surplus coefficient is strict, the hot air can also be sent to the boiler air supply system for reuse. The cooling air volume usually requires ≯1% of the total combustion air volume of the boiler; when the temperature of the air entering the furnace is> 340℃, the cooling air volume can be increased to 1.5-2%.

Dry-type slagging machine mesh belt: The dry-type slagging machine mesh belt is made of high-quality high-strength stainless steel wire and plate, made of SUS304, SUS316L, etc., anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, uniform mesh mesh, tensile strength High strength, main form of balance type, mesh belt is wound with double wires, wavy through strips, edge welded, mesh belt plane is covered with steel plate perforated and fixed, slat groove height is generally about 100mm, widely used in power plant dry slag discharge machine system.

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