Carbon Steel Herringbone Conveyor Mesh Belt

Carbon Steel Herringbone Conveyor Mesh Belt

Carbon Steel Herringbone Conveyor Mesh Belt 300 Meter/Meters per Month Packaging & Delivery

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Product Description

Carbon Steel Herringbone Conveyor Mesh Belt

300 Meter/Meters per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1. All products are packed in cylindrical shape, length and width are marked.
2. Apply the edible oil to the surface of the mesh belt and then use thick food cling film to isolate oxygen.
3. Standard plywood wooden box production surface avoid broken.According to customer requirements brush marks.
shanghai Port/ ningbo port
Product Description
 stainless steel or mild steel or Carbon Steel Herringbone Conveyor Mesh Belt


The Z47 type belt is a highly usable conveyor belt for the bakery industry. The belt has been designed especially for baking biscuits directly on the belt in straight feed through ovens. Its name is based on the Z shape of the flattened spirals. 


The Z47 belt is a stratified metal spiral belt with a light weight and a reduced thickness. Its design give the belt low heat inertia , high strength and a good air circulation through the belt. This woven and stratified belt gives a superposition of the wires and an open mesh. The edges are looped.


The Z47 belt is designed to be long lasting and require little maintenance.


The Z47 belt is made of specially selected carbon steel for a good and even baking result and are mostly used in production processes with temperatures of +200 Celsius to +275 Celsius. On request the belt can be made of stainless steel. The belt can be produced with widths up to ca.1400mm and in lengths up to ca. 300 meter.


The Z47 belt are used in biscuit ovens all over the world. Beside this Z47 there are also other Z47R specifitions, The different Z-type belt differ in wire thickness, mesh opening and weight.


     Tooling pitch:8.5mm

     Wire diameter:1.5mm

     Belt pitch:4.5mm

     Belt pitch:5.2mm

     Belt thickness:3mm


 Flat Roller Baking Oven Belt Specifications

Item No Tooling pitch
(mm) TP
Wire diameter
(mm) D
Spiral pitch
(mm) SP
Belt pitch
(mm) BP
Belt thickness
(mm) T
BGZ-454 8.2 1.2 4 5.4 2.4 7
BGZ-452 8.5 1.5 4.5 5.2 3 12.2
BGZ-468 8.2 1.3 4.3 6.8 2.6 7.4
BGZ-467 8.2 1.4 4.4 6.7 2.8 8.2

3.Z47 type biscuit mesh belt Maintenance

The Z47  Belt needs minimal maintenance. Belt cleaning is most effective when raising the oven temperature up to ca. 350 degrees C. and than brushing the ‘product’ out of the belt with a rotating brush. In case of the carbon steel belts do not use water or steam with or without detergents for cleaning. This will make the belt rusty and the live time will be effected negatively. Beware that during production or cleaning, the belt never runs direct into a flame. The high temperature of the flame causes the temperature of the belt to be much higher and can affect its quality.

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