Great Wall Mesh Belt

The Great Wall mesh belt and horseshoe chain are made of stainless steel slats processed by a mold, and then connected by a shaft with a diameter of more than 3mm. The mesh belt has light weight, large mesh gap, smooth mesh surface, stable operation and no deviation. It can be used as a conveyor line for washing, drying, cooling and heat treatment.
Mainly used for freezing, dehydrating and drying food.

The Great Wall Mesh Belt is a friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. Using it, a material conveying process can be formed on a certain conveying line from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point. It can not only transport broken materials, but also can transport finished items. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also be matched with the requirements of the technological process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic assembly line. Therefore, the Great Wall mesh belt is widely used in various modern industrial enterprises. It is an indispensable important accessory in various industries' automatic devices and modern automated assembly lines.
Storage and maintenance of horseshoe chain and Great Wall mesh belt:
1. When the horseshoe chain is stored, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -18℃-40℃, and the absolute humidity should be kept between 50-80%RH.
2. During transportation and storage, the horseshoe chain should be kept clean to prevent exposure to sunlight or rain or snow, prevent contact with acids, alkali oils, inorganic solvents and other substances, and install it at intervals of one meter away from heat.
3. During the storage period, the product must be arranged in rolls and not folded. The arrangement period should be turned once every quarter.
4. Conveyor belts of different types and specifications and layers should not be connected together for use. The discussion is best to adopt the glue connection method.
5. The type, layout, specification, and number of mesh belt layers of the horseshoe chain should be selected reasonably according to the utilization conditions.

6. The running speed of the horseshoe chain should generally not be greater than 2.5 m/s, and the installation of materials with high abrasiveness and the use of solid plow-type unloading should be as low as possible.



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