Chevron Mesh Belt

Chevron mesh belt is also called combined balance mesh belt, densely chevron mesh belt, biscuit baking mesh belt, so the introduction of chevron mesh belt can be positioned as a combination balance mesh belt and biscuit baking mesh belt.
Chinese chevron mesh belt, also known as combined balanced mesh belt. The mesh belt is firm and has high tensile strength. It is used in the chemical fiber industry's hydroformylation machine and washing machine.

The wire winding machine is used to make the wire winding parts according to the material, and the straight wire is produced. The edge can be welded, folded, chain, chain, etc.
The combined balance mesh belt has a relatively fine mesh, which can block the leakage of small objects, so that the mesh belt can run in a balanced manner, but also achieve the desired effect. The mesh belt is firm and has high tensile strength.
Has been widely used in the chemical fiber industry {YL543YL541} water washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, biscuit baking automatic line in the food industry.
Main model edit
CB(s) 1.6/2-108-270
CB(s) 1.8/2.2-98-230
CB(s) 1.8/2.2-123-203
CB(s) 1.6/2-118-250
CB(s) 1.6/2.2-132-197
CB(s) 1.2/1.6-167-306
CB(s) 0.9/1-250-500
CB(s) 2/2-138-203

CB(s) 1.6/1.6-177-238


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